About Us

Running a radio station requires many talents. If there are lots of people to share the workload, then it becomes fun rather than a chore. Why have some of our volunteers been “on board” for so long?

– “You meet interesting people”apple_core
– “I love presenting my show”
– “You get to know all the businesses in town”
– “I like giving local bands a go!”
– “It’s great just playing the music of your own choice!”
– “It’s fantastic when people ring in and ask for requests!”
– “People come up to me in the Shopping Centre and comment on my show”
– “A lady in the Post Office recognised my voice.”


Who’s who on the Committee

Please Welcome Karellyn Dangar as new Apple FM Committee Member

President: Karrelyn Dangar
Vice President: Leigh Stancliffe
Secretary: Mark Philip
Treasurer: Bill Mansell
Station Manager: Wayne Miller
Sponsorship Manager: Mark Philip
Production Manager: Leigh Stancliffe

We are all volunteers at Apple FM, so training presenters, recruiting sponsors, involving our Community and constantly striving to improve the quality and relevance of our programs is our ongoing task!