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The Tea Break

The Tea Break – Tuesday – 12.00pm -2.00pm With Bill Lucas

If you are a bundle of nerves driving home from work then have some really enjoyable, calming and soothing music every Tuesday from 12pm till 2pm with “The Tea break”. I’m Bill and I select the best music to help you stay cool and collected as you negotiate the Westgate Freeway. Only the best music from the era when music was real music with great orchestrations and big bands. Sing along as you drive home and forget the traffic. I even venture into music from today with groups like “Straight No Chaser”, “The Idea of North”, ‘” The Koi Boys” and many others. Beautiful harmonies and rhythms will have you in the best mood when you arrive home. Give it a try next Tuesday at 12pm. Remember Apple 98 and a half FM every Tuesday from 12pm for the “Tea Break”.