Apple 98.5 FM


Transmission Site Upgrade

Thanks to a grant from the Stronger Communities Programme Apple 98.5fm have been upgrading our transmission site. Our equipment has been moved out of a shed, which is slowly falling apart, into a new (well 2nd hand, but as good as new) hut. New transmission equipment was installed, plus we now have battery backup which should keep Apple 98.5fm on-air during a power outage. We’re also planning on installing new antennas on our tower in the near future which will hopefully improve out signal in Bacchus Marsh and surrounding areas.

We would like to thank Andrew (Technical Coordinator) and Cliff for their hard work installing the equipment into our new hut, and also to our former Secretary and Grants Coordinator Terecia for applying for the grant.

A big thank you also to our listeners who have had to put up with breaks in our transmission due to these works.



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