The Metal Show

The Metal Show – Sean Dudley -Thursdays 8.00pm – 10.00pm


The Metal Show is a heavy metal radio show, playing all the genres of metal, including:

  • Traditional heavy metal
  • Power
  • Progressive
  • Thrash
  • Death
  • Black
  • Doom
  • Symphonic
  • Melodic
  • Gothic
  • Groove
  • Industrial

8-10pm Thursday Nights

The Metal Show keeps you up to date with the latest releases worldwide plus a weekly gig guide for Melbourne and Victoria.

There are also cool segments including live tracks, Best Of segments and the Milestone Anniversary Albums segment.

The Metal Show is also an advocate for Aussie metal, with a dedicated segment called Uncovered. This segment highlights local Aussie metal bands, from all over Australia, which are mostly unsigned and independent. If you are in an Aussie metal band and want your band to be on the Uncovered segment, please write to me on the show’s Facebook page or my blog (see links below).

The show is hosted by Sean Dudley (ex-reviewer for The Metal Forge and Metal CD Ratings; ex-DJ for internet metal radio stations Metal Messiah Radio and Metal Nation Radio)

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Thursday Night's Tracklist (January 18, 2018)
Somewhere Back In Time – Ascension (UK) (6:00) (‘Far Beyond The Stars’) (2012)
Out Of Spirits – Rotting Christ (4:06) (‘A Dead Poem’) (1997)
Ruínas – Moonspell (4:45) (‘1755’) (2017)
Dead City – Metal Church (3:47) (‘Generation Nothing’) (2013)
A Throne At Midnight – Ram (4:42) (‘Rod’) (2017)
It Comes At Night – Pretty Maids (4:18) (‘Pandemonium’) (2010)
No More Fear – Pink Cream 69 (4:34) (‘Headstrong’) (2017)
Domination Of Sin – Seventh Avenue (4:52) (‘Eternals’) (2004)
Howling At The Moon – Vhäldemar (4:40) (‘Against All Kings’) (2017)
God’s Terminal – Cipher System (3:42) (‘Communicate The Storm’) (2011)
Dark Metamorphosis – The Unguided (3:39) (‘And The Battle Royale’) (2017)
Quoth The Raven – Eluveitie (4:39) (‘Live At Feuertanz 2013’) (2014) (LIVE)
Summon The Dawn Light – Elvenking (4:57) (‘Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire’) (2017)
The Last Good Day – The Dark Element (4:19) (‘The Dark Element’) (2017)
500 Letters – Tarja (4:14) (‘Colours In The Dark’) (2013)
Only One Will Die – Cannibal Corpse (3:24) (‘Red Before Black’) (2017)
In The Minds Of Evil – Deicide (3:53) (‘In The Minds Of Evil’) (2013)
Wounded Angels – Nightrage (4:00) (‘Wearing A Martyr’s Crown’) (2009)


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