Speak Up – A Message About Bullying From Children

Today, During Jeff’s Jukebox, a music program, Children from the age of 13 down to 9 years old spoke about an important subject ” Bullying” in particular Cyber Bullying.

Jade – Amanda age 13

Kasey age 12

Jayden age 12

Jacinta age 9

They played music, read stories, explained what bullying is and what to do if you are bullied.

For these children to present a show of one hour, they have met the day before to discuss, the music, who is doing what, but also they prepared a script and stories.

They have told us, “Apple 98.5fm that one hour was not enough.” Which is true. The way they have presented the show it was too short.

Kasey, a young lady age 12, spoke from her experience of how bullying affected her, and lucky that she has her mum that picked up that she was bullied and her mum Tericia, managed to address this issue before it became a problem.

During the show, the children played a “raw” song by Tom Curtain, about Dolly. As the children explained Dolly committed suicide because of cyberbullying.

The children explained to speak up and seek help even if you think you are getting bullied, to speak to the parents or teachers.

Jade – Amanda, age 13, wrote and read a story about a girl named Sofia, that was getting bullied and her friend in the same class noticed that Sofia was getting bullied. So Sofia’s friend encouraged her and helped her to speak up.

Jacinta, age 9,  spoke about how even pets can get bullied.

Jayden, age 12, managed the music and produced the one hour show, including “driving” the radio panel, and 2 computers.

We at Apple 98.5fm, a Community Radio Station, encourage and welcome youth and young children to participate in our radio.

We are sure that one day, all these children will be the future of the community radio station.


 Listen to their one hour show by pressing play.


Note: Apple 98.5fm, has authorization from the children’s parents to publish these photos. Please note that you cannot copy or publish, without authorisation, any of Apple98.5fm materials, including these photos.