Few tips of How to secure your home if you are going away


The Christmas holiday season is a great opportunity to see distant relatives, enjoy a break in the warmth of summer and take the time to do some of those classic road trips that you just can’t manage at other times of the year.

But unfortunately, the Christmas period is also a perfect time for thieves to break into unoccupied homes and steal valuable household items while the owners are away.

When you’re trying to enjoy a relaxing break away from home, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the security of your house while you’re away.

By taking a few simple precautions, however, you can significantly reduce your chance of coming home to a burgled house. Here are some simple and practical ways to secure your unoccupied home over the Christmas break.


  • Don’t boast about your holiday plans on social media

  • Tidy up the garden before departure

  • Have a trusted friend, relative or neighbor check your house while you’re away

  • Make sure your garage door is secure

  • Consider installing a home security system (if you do not have one)

  • Don’t leave convenient break-and-enter tools in an unlocked garden shed

  • Secure all windows and doors

  • Keep track of all your house keys

  • Use lights with a timer

  • Pull those plugs ( Unplug all appliances)

  • Don’t leave new gift boxes, such as tv empty boxes outside. Cut them up and put them in the bin.

Enjoy your Christmas holiday with your family or friends, drive safe and have fun.

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