The Old Married Couple

On Friday 22nd December Riley and Katie Beech from The Old Married Couple joined us in the studio to discuss their debut album “Welcome to the Music Hall” which was released in September 2017.


The young Bacchus Marsh couple began performing together after the rock band Riley was originally in disbanded. He began writing and performing as a solo artist and originally wanted to perform the song “Stuck with Me” with a singer/songwriter friend. However, Kate protested that the song was too personal to be performed with anyone else. Riley argued that it was the only good song on the album so Katie would have to sing it. After one solo tour, it became clear that the audience preferred when Katie was on stage and thus their band was formed, adopting the hipster band name when Katie’s mother mentioned the two argued like an old married couple.

When asked if there were any other songs they had been tentative on sharing on the album, both agreed that it was not so much what was shared but how it would be received. Their musical style, which is reflective of 1920’s vaudeville with Dixieland influences, has allowed them to share content in their songs (such as Babies and Gentleman Sleazebag) which can entice mixed responses from audiences from laughter and applause to discomfort and offence; whereas (other songs such as Afterlife and You’re My) utilise the style to make the content more endearing and relatable to the listener.


The comedic nature and versatility of their content allow their shows to be quite theatrical. They have recently collaborated with burlesque, boylesque, comedy, drag and stunt performers for their most recent shows with the intention of making a show that is “entertaining beyond just seeing a band but actually creating an experience” for the audience.


On the album, the two play a variety of instruments. Riley plays the guitar, ukelele, and banjo; whilst Katie plays a kazoo, kazobo, squeeze horns, acme whistles, train whistles, ratchets, vibraslaps, harmonicas and a whiney baby simulator which she kindly demonstrated for us during the interview. The couple were kind enough to treat us to a live version of “You’re My”, which is available for download for free from their website where you can also purchase their debut album “Welcome to the Music Hall”, find out about upcoming tour dates such as the one coming up on the 24th of February in Richmond, or learn more about them on their blog. You can also watch videos of their on-air performance and of Katie demonstrating her repertoire of instruments on the Apple FM and Bec’s Beat facebook pages.

The Old Married Couple makes fun and funny listening and we look forward to hearing more from this local band as their musical career develops.


-By Rebecca Van Schaik, Bec’s Beat, 31/12/2017




(Kate and Riley Beech from The Old Married Couple joined us in the studio on Friday 22nd December for a pre-recording but The interview was broadcast on Thursday 28th December 2017)

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