Free Activities you can do during School Holidays

While it’s a fun and exciting time for you and your kids, it can strain the budget. Here’s our advice for finding holiday activities on a shoestring.

Check in with your local council or community centre

Your council’s website will share everything that’s right at your fingertips. During school holidays there’ll be a timetable of activities available – some free and others you might need to pay for – but there are generally lots to choose from. Your council’s website links to the community centres in your area, which will host activities, too. Each centre will have their own program, but you can expect to find dance classes, music classes and craft-focused activities for kids. You might even find yoga classes on offer – tick off a New Year’s resolution! It pays to bookmark these websites so you have a list of local events on hand.

Get out into the great outdoors

What better time of year to explore your own backyard? Pack a picnic and take the whole family on an adventure in national park near you. There are many locations to choose from, just head to to plan your day and route. You’ll find the right spot and activity for your family – whether it’s a bushwalk or basking on the beach. Just remember to take lots of water, sunscreen, and hats.




Don’t forget the libraries and universities

Everyone flocks to museums and art galleries on school holidays, but don’t skip your local library for school holiday fun. Not only can you borrow a range of free entertainment and media, but you can also enjoy story time and other kid-friendly get-togethers. Many libraries also host seminars for adults looking to upskill.

If you live near a university, take advantage of the exhibitions, film screenings and seminars on offer. Specific uni libraries or faculties often curate exhibitions that feature a huge collection of books or artifacts. You’re not likely to see these events advertised so be sure to check out the website of the university near you – don’t miss the chance to explore the grounds, too.

Make Australia Day plans

What a day to celebrate, and there are lots of fantastic free events to look forward to. Whether it’s a celebration of Indigenous culture, a thong-throwing competition or a good-old barbie, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to making Australia Day plans that won’t hurt your budget. You can’t go past when taking your pick of what’s on near you.






Scout out a new playground

Finding a great new play spot is the easiest way to keep your kids happy. A quick search on the net will help you find top playgrounds in your area and the little ones will love a packed lunch and playing to their hearts’ content. Plus, this is one of those school holiday activities that is totally free, so you can head home knowing you’ve made everyone happy without the big price tag.