Apple 98.5fm Outside Broadcast at Melton Relay for Life 2018


On the weekend of the 24th & 25th February 2018, Apple 98.5fm radio station transmitted outside of Bacchus Marsh and its studios for the 1st time in Melton at the 2018 Relay for Life event held at Tabcorp Park.

Apple 98.5fm were invited to the event to broadcast at the entire event beginning on Saturday 24th from 3 pm through to 10 am on Sunday 25th February 2018. The dedicated members of Apple 98.5fm worked tirelessly behind the scene in the 2 weeks lead up to the event to ensure that we could transmit outside of the studio smoothly and professionally and to get the required equipment ready for the outside broadcast.

The OB team met prior to the event with the President of Relay at the venue to evaluate our location and for the OB team to create an OB evaluation plan for the event day.

Jeff Tabone broadcasted 1 of his programs in the weeks before from his house to ensure this broadcast was going to be a success and to iron out anything that needed to be fixed beforehand.

On the day of the event broadcasting the OB team arrived at the venue at 10am to set up our onsite studio in the back of the van that was generously loaned to us by a member and her family. As a team, we worked together to have the equipment set up and working and any little hiccups fixed ready for the studio to throw over to our outside broadcasting.

Apple 98.5fm were able to work with the event sound guys who allowed us a direct feed from their sound equipment which enabled us to broadcast direct from there sound gear during the ceremonies and speeches enabling us to have good and clear quality broadcasting throughout the important ceremonies of the event that the Melton Relay for Life entrusted us to broadcast and to get their cause out into the wider community.

Relay teams had family and friends who were unable to attend the actual event but were able to follow the event via Apple 98.5fm throughout the entire event and know what was going on as it happened at the Melton Relay.

We received some fantastic feedback and were congratulated on our professionalism, integrity, and compassion whilst interviewing and broadcasting some very personal stories from participants of the event.

We were also congratulated from the event sponsors, Cancer Council Representatives, participants and the general public on our professional appearance and interaction with the crowd and that it was great to see the voices behind radio out and about amongst the community and for bringing important events like this to the attention of the wider communities.

Melton Relay committee were very impressed with our broadcast and thankful that they had us promoting the event in the months and weeks leading into the event and for us getting their voices and the cause out into the community to get more teams to register, to get more donations to reach their $60,000 goal and to get more people from the communities to come along and have a look at the event and join in on the entertainment, team and community spirit to make this there best event to date after 8yrs.

As a 1st OB outside of Bacchus Marsh and our studio’s it was a very successful broadcast, but like anything, there are always little things that can be changed and improved upon for the next time that will make OB’s easier and to continue to be successful in the future.

The OB team that worked on this event either behind the scenes, at the event or broadcasted at the event should be very proud of themselves for a tremendous effort on a marathon 1st OB because they certainly did Apple 98.5fm proud out amongst the community at such a well known Cancer Council event throughout Australia.